Financials – How to Afford a Sabbatical

Afford a Sabbatical
For most of us money is the big issue and “how can you afford a sabbatical?” was the question we were asked the most.

“How can you afford a sabbatical?” was probably the question we had to answer most frequently both before and after our trip. Taking extended time off work or quitting your job to travel is a serious financial commitment but it needn’t be prohibitively expensive or undoable.

If you are one of the lucky few, who can pay for a sabbatical without a problem, please skip this chapter. For the rest of us, who aren’t so lucky, here are some tips to make it easier to afford a sabbatical.

  • Saving for a sabbatical – has some suggestions about how to save to afford a sabbatical.  There are many sited devoted to money savings tips which provide more suggestions and tips. Check out a few and determine what works for you.
  • Save while traveling – your sabbatical doesn’t need to cost a fortune.  By choosing your destinations and accommodations wisely you can stretch your budget
  • Make Money while traveling – you might be able to earn money while you travel which will offset at least some of the expenses.
  • Sabbatical Budget  making a budget is crucial. I am not one to plan down to the last stamp that I will buy to send a postcard home but you need a fairly decent understanding of all the cost and any potential revenue

The examples and ideas provided on these pages are things that worked for us.  Everybody is different and just because it is easy for me to give up on certain things does not mean it will be easy for you or the other way around. Get creative when thinking about where and how you could save some money.  I found that new ideas come to me more easily after a while.  The whole savings thing is a matter of the mind set first and foremost.