Sabbatical planning

The sabbatical planning is getting real

A little rantFinally we booked the flights after many adjustments and moving flights back and forth. I don’t want to say that the flights are cheap but given the itinerary I am actually surprised it isn’t more especially given the fact that your average ticket to India alone isn’t cheap these days.

The Mexico – South India leg is truly frightning. We’ll fly from Merida to Mexico City and from there to JFK, then on to Vienna and from there to Mumbai and on to Cochin – I have lost track of how many hours that will be but even Max acknowledged the other day when getting the trip explained to him on Google Earth (his newest obsession): “that’s going to be tough”. We’ll have a stopover in Vienna for a night so hopefully that makes it more bareable.

We also have a potential renter for the house in Sunnyvale. A professor and his family from Chile. He’ll be teaching at Stanford for six months starting mid-Januray. So far so good, the “little” problem is the size of the man’s family: they have seven kids. Granted three are college students and will be staying in Chile for the most part but still – that’s way more people than I had envisioned. Even with my European upbringing where a 1500 sqf home for a family of three is considered very spacious this seems, well, a little tight.

sabbatical planning
The camera equipment update is almost complete, Max got his own “take a pic” so he doesn’t go after mine.

Most importantly, though, my camera equipment update is almost complete! I bought another lens this week and now all the expensive items are taken care off.

It’s getting real!